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Ted Talks that came to mind

This is such an amazing use of the internet that connects people in huge ways! For all that the internet disconnects I thought you might enjoy the creative Ze Frank in contrast.Ze Frank’s Web Playroom And this one- exploration on creativity and its source. My personal favorite.Elizabeth Gilbert: Your elusive creative genius Advertisements

Notes from the Universe

Notes from the Universe I have been getting daily emails from this site for about a year now. They give me great food for thought every morning and I think they are pretty awesome. Some advertisements for his shows but very minimal. Mostly just great little spiritual happy reminders.

Enlighten Up! Movie

I recently watched this documentary movie (free on Netflix) about Yoga and enlightenment. I thought it brought up some great applicable questions and exploration of yoga as a practice. They cover a wide spectrum of Yoga masters to trends. Worth a watch if you are in the mood to think about different ways to look at spiritual life.

56 up, a play on the 7-year cycles?

56 up, a play on the 7-year cycles? I’d heard about this British documentary series a few years ago but never watched it. A new installment of the documentary is filmed every 7 years, following a group of British babies from birth onward. They are now in their 56th year. It’s been spoken of highly … Continue reading

Some Poems from Kay Ryan

Last year when Fremont Place Books went out of business I bought a collection of Kay Ryan’s poems called The Best of It. She was the US Poet Laureate from 2008-2010, but I had never heard of her. I have really enjoyed reading her work and I am recommending it to the group and giving you a little … Continue reading