Fitting Foundation Year into the Rhythm of our Lives

There was some discussion during our last session of Group Work about how Foundation Year was or wasn’t fitting into the established rhythms and patterns of our lives. I thought that it might be helpful for us to share those patterns and rhythms with one another in the hopes of finding resonances among our schedules. If such happy resonances can be found perhaps some of us will be able to add our Foundation Year obligations into our lives with less of a feeling of stuffing an already full sack.

I think that when I spoke up in Group Work I phrased it as sharing something that you already do that you could add a Foundation Year friend to. While I think that is a good idea, it might also be a very short list, so I am also going to include things that would be easy to add to my existing schedule. Please leave your own weekly/monthly rhythm in the comments. 



Calder and I don’t have a schedule so much as a set of constraints. These include him being we me nearly always, and our travelling together by foot or by bus. Because of these two primary constraints it generally takes us an hour or more to get anywhere (so we are not available on short notice) and we don’t venture too far afield from our neighborhood. Apart from Foundation Year events our weeks are largely unscheduled except for Zen practice on Sunday mornings, and volunteer tutoring in Greenwood on Thursday afternoons.

Our normal homemaking duties frequently take us to Fremont and Ballard during the weekday daytime hours. We would be more than happy to add some tea and visiting in these neighborhoods to our errands. Calder and I both love trees and walking and being outside, so if we were to add something else to our schedule meetings in parks would be the best fit (and perhaps atriums and conservatories as the year progresses). We have a membership at the Seattle Japanese Garden and enjoy going there although it is a bit of a trek by bus. I love having friends over to our house for tea and talking and we could probably work some homework doing into that as well. 



2 thoughts on “Fitting Foundation Year into the Rhythm of our Lives

  1. I am really missing everyone and starting to feel behind on my studies, so this discussion is very welcome! I am free Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings for study, tea or walks in Seattle. I have two dogs that need walking so company on a trail or at the dog park would be great! I hope you are all very happy and healthy!

  2. Hey there – I am just catching up on old posts and would like to add my availability for Friday mornings as well. It’s my only solo time though so sometimes it has me catching up on homework or housework! Occasionally can do evening out on weekdays when planned ahead. Oh and I’m overdue for a spa visit to Olympus and plan to go sometime after Christmas if any women would like to meet me.
    cheers, cindy

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