love, thanks, and theosophy

Hello to everyone who reads this! Glad to have this blog post for all of us to utilize. Thank you Brandon for setting this up. I can’t wait to see everyone again on Friday. Whew it’s been a quick, intense couple of weeks! I am posting a request here for the opportunity to potentially borrow someone’s Theosophy book Friday and Saturday night for Sunday morning’s lecture. This would be most, most appreciated. I haven’t been able to snag a copy yet. Isn’t there a book store Mary Oak mentioned near Seattle Waldorf school that sells all of our books for this year? Thanks dear ones.



One thought on “love, thanks, and theosophy

  1. yeah! the steiner bookstore right on lake way. we happened to catch it before it closed this last saturday, i think it closed at 5pm so we had just a brief whirlwind visit. we could try and catch it the next time we have class! there’s also a lavender labyrinth there. oo la la.

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